We have made it our company’s mission to assist people just like yourself to recoup their money. With thousands of cases analyzed using ‘Big-Data’ technologies and analytics tools, together with our team of dedicated, knowledgeable specialists, you will be taking a dramatically positive decision if you choose to contract our services. We will not let you down.

The credit card companies have multiple codes for all available chargebacks, if you file a chargeback using the wrong code or fail to organize your claim and word it correctly, the chargeback will be refused.

It is your legal right to dispute a transaction and ask for your funds to be returned to you, however, it needs to be handled a certain way.

Our working hours are Sunday – Friday, 08.00 – 20.00 (GMT +3)

Absolutely. That’s just the kind of information that we need in order to support and win your claim. Please keep any and all communications between you and the “broker” saved on your computer (or cloud), such as: original bank/credit card statements as well as any email you received or form you were manipulated to sign/agree to. For more information contact your Money-Recoup claims-coordinator here.

Filing a chargeback could be done within a matter of days. The whole process could take anywhere between 3 weeks – 6 months

Broadly speaking, after gathering all of the documentation and filing a chargeback with your issuing bank, you recieve your money back automatically. Then, the merchant (your “broker”) replies to their bank (where the money was transferred) that in turn replies to your bank. When the final resolution is given on the matter, the winner of the dispute gets to keep their money.

At Money-Recoup, we will make it our mission to make sure you are the declared “winner” and thus, get your money back.

Not only is it possible, it’s been done many times before. While the financial systems use a certain method of operations, the process itself is simple to understand. It’s just a matter of time and persistence. Check the ‘What’s the process’ question for more information.

Like with everything in life, there is no full-proof guarantee. Having said that, we have analyzed literally thousands of cases using ‘big data’ technology to identify the best (and with the highest chances of success) method of operations to win a chargeback claim.

We charge a percentage from the total amount you stand to recover. Half of our fee is paid in advance, the other half is to be paid upon retrieval of funds.
We offer a money back guarantee: if we fail to give you the services detailed in the contract, we will refund your initial payment

In addition, we have a special item in our services agreement which protects you, the client, even further. In the unlikely event the firm decides to “drop” the case before a decision has been made, we will refund half of the upfront payment.

Money-Recoup does not provide legal services in any way, nor are we an attorney, as is written in our services contract.

Yes. A terms of services contract.

Absolutely not. We advise to cease all communications with the merchant that manipulated you out of your hard-earned money or it’s agents and ignore their attempts of reaching you (both phone and email).

No. There are only two payments throughout the process. The first in the beginning and the second – when you recieve your money back and win the claim.

Please contact your claims coordinator for more information. You can do so, here.

Our services contract is fully enforceable in a court of law and can be used against us if we do not provide the services and expectations that were set at the beginning and written in the document. You are more than welcomed to send the services contract to your lawyer for further review, to give you peace of mind.

We accept payment via Credit Card transactions, which has consumer protection against fraud across the board. If we do not make good on our promises and what is agreed upon in the services contract we sign with you, you can always speak with your bank or credit card provider, show them the contract and ask them to cancel the transaction. Feel free to confirm this by calling the number on the bank of your credit card or by speaking with your banker.

In addition to this, we are an Israeli firm, regulated and supervised by the Israeli ministry of justice. There is no room to ‘wiggle’ here. We must work by the book.

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