About Us

Why we do it

We are committed to helping you recoup your money because we believe everyone deserves justice. No matter the circumstance.

How we do it

We do this by using proprietary technologies to analyze your case and determine the quickest, most efficient way to recover your money through the financial systems.

What we do

As a result, our clients experience higher rates of claim-back success and ultimately, have peace of mind.

In a time when online Forex trading has become increasingly attractive, with new trading platforms emerging daily and the market turning over as much as 6 Trillion Dollars a day, many investors have had the displeasure of falling victim to various online scams, from Binary Options to unregulated Forex and CFDs and even fraudulent cryptocurrency offerings (ICO) and trading.

Unfortunately, due to loose regulation and enforcement outside the U.S, many investors have found themselves out of favor and out of pocket, standing on the verge of financial collapse, due to these nefarious agents.

Money Recoup is an Israeli registered firm, operating under the supervision of the Israeli Ministry of Justice.
The firm is licensed to provide consulting services regarding the recovery of capital transferred under false pretenses.

We take pride in getting up every morning for a full day’s work, knowing that our services have a positive influence on the world.
We will work rigorously, relentlessly and diligently to find the best possible solution to your situation and consult you on how you can claim your money back, successfully.

Our purpose

To give former victims of online fraud a fighting chance, and do everything in our power and knowledge to help them recoup every last cent.

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