Jason C. (UK) – Personal Victim’s story

It all began with a simple phone call about investing money with Clearsave.io. I had had these types of calls before and usually dismissed them pretty quickly.

     I was reaching the age, though, when I wanted to leave something for my grandchildren’s education and I didn’t have a great deal of savings.

     The fellow I spoke to said that he could double my investment in about 2 weeks or so using a system  unlike the simple buy low, sell high approach I was aware of.

     I figured I would put in the required $250 and leave it long term and hopefully watch it grow to where there be something for the grandkids.

     Online I saw good reviews and bad reviews as with any company. The website looked extremely professional.

      The returns on my investment were small at first but much better than I had anticipated. Then I was told about opportunities and stock splits coming up that shouldn’t be missed but would require a bigger investment. So I fell into the trap and didn’t see it coming. My account had reached levels I never anticipated or dreamed of. This continued on and off for about a month or so until I decided to withdraw the amount I had invested and leave the earnings in the account.

       At this point I was now dealing with a different person who said that the withdrawal had been approved but he would need access to my bank account to make sure that the withdrawal got there quickly without incident. He gained access using software called Anydesk.

        It seemed to happen almost in slow motion like a deer in the headlights as he cleaned out my account in seconds before I could utter a word. He did say that it would be returned in a few minutes. That didn’t happen. I kept trying to contact them over the next week or so but my number was blocked.  

        I, quite understandably, felt like the dumbest person on earth. I was scrambling to find money to pay bills with. I have had cold sweats and sleepless nights.

        If you have experienced something similar, you’re not alone. These people are good at what they do. They manipulate and have no qualms about doing it. They are despicable and have no empathy.

Unfortunately, for me, this experience has affected how I view others and how I make decisions. Until I experienced this it was difficult for me to believe that people would treat their fellow human beings like this

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