Lars J. (Norway) – Personal Victim’s Story

I was looking for a way to make extra income with my paycheck and bitcoin sounded like a good opportunity. After I receive a call from my coin elite they convinced me to pay 500 euros. This is what I started with. I did not when I started that they wanted more…

We traded for 3 weeks and showed the account had some nice profits and one day my account manager Lisa called me. She said that if I want to make money like the professionals I need to deposit 10,000 euros more. I trusted Lisa and she promised me that I cannot lose this money so I gave it to her. She also said that the trade is insured for losses so there is absolutely NO way that I can lose it’s impossible!

After 1 weeks of trading the money was down to 1000 Euros. I asked her why this happen and Lisa just say that it’s not her fault it’s just the market. I asked her about the insurance and she said that it’s not a problem, I just need to sign this bonus contract. I read the contract and it said that I cannot withdraw the bonus money I receive only after I trade 50 times the money! I told Lisa this is unacceptable, she promised me that I cannot lose!

I looked with my wife online for Mycoinelite reviews and found that there is a warning against them! 

That’s when I understand that it’s a scam…I was so depressed that this happen…

For 2 months I thought I was alone. I hope that someone see my story and understand they are not alone…

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