Robert S. (UK) – Personal Victim’s Story

I put in 250 after I saw something on my email. A woman from Clearsave called me and said that I cannot make profits for myself with only 250 and asked me to put in more money. She was very savvy with computers and used a thing called Anydesk to open an account for me on Coinbase. She said she needs to verify that I can receive money back and look for a code on my online banking. I’m a pensioner…not too good with computers and the internet so I let her have it. Looking back, I should not have done that. Soon after, she asked me to put in everything I had into the trading account and once that was done she even asked me to take a loan from the bank and put it in the clearsave io account as bitcoin. 

I got scared and asked for my 250 back but this woman was very persuasive and convinced me to stay with the account. After a week of non-stop calls and emails I deposited another 6000 sterling into the account only to see it lost in a few trades. I was assigned a new account manager by the name of Roger that was supposed to help me “recover the losses.”

This chap asked me again for money and said that if I want to get the money back I can buy insurance for the trades. Being the fool that I was I deposited another 3000 pounds, a thousand of which for the insurance. After two weeks of trading the account showed some nice growth and when Roger next called I asked to withdraw the full amount. A login showed, at the time, that my clearsave io account had about 18000 British pounds. I put in a withdrawal request for the subsequent amount and what followed was a complete and utter bloody nightmare.

Roger called me immediately and said that if I want to withdraw I will have to pay a fee so that Coinbase can process such a big request. I asked him if he’s having a laugh but he was dead serious. That was when I realized clearsave tricked me. I later searched for clearsave reviews and found plenty of people who suffered the same misfortune.

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