Johan D. (Belgium) – Personal Victim’s Story

I got phone call from a person in the name of Brian who say that he is calling from Qteck and that he can help me trade. He asked me to deposit a small amount of €500 Euros and I did. Brian promised me that I will make big profits and help my family and we become like friends… He told me about his children and his family and asked me about my dreams for the future and for the pension.
After a time of 2 weeks Brian called with a new idea: we can make money on the Bitcoin going up with Qteck trading platform and all I need to do is deposit €10,000 and he will trade for me.

I gave the money with my Mastercard and Visa. He promised that all be OK. After 1 week I login to my Qteck account and see that all the money is lost!! I sent Brian an email: WHY? WHAT HAPPENED? Brain didnt answer but someone else called me, a woman by name of Michelle. Michelle said that Brian has Corona virus and will not come back to office, that I am dealing with her now and I need to deposit more money. 

I asked her how its possible that Brian ask me for money, lose all money and then she ask me for some more?! She said that it is not her fault but the fault of Brian and of the market.

I stopped talking to her, understood that is a scam and contacted Money-Recoup.

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