Annika S. (Sweden) – Personal Victim’s Story

I deposit the first amount which was 400 euros because the advertise say that i can make big big profits with my money. I am a teacher in Sweden and I wanted to have bigger paycheck to live every month. Some man speak to me and convince me to deposit and make profits on the bitcoin. I took a loan on my credit visa and used it with GiroFX. I also send a wire transfer and in total to begin I pay 7000 euros. I was learning bitcoin and markets on the platform and didn’t check for GiroFX reviews. I trusted him and saw that the account make money.

One day I get a call from a different person, by name of Sam from GiroFX company who say that my previous account manager was moved to a different place and now I am with him. Sam was horrible! He call me and yell at me and push me to deposit more and more. He make me feel afraid and pushing me! I used all my visa and all cash I have, even borrow from friends 5000 more I am so ashamed and so stupid!

He take the money, total of more 15000 euros and never talk to me again. Now they dont answer my telephone calls or my emails!

After this I searched for GiroFX warning and scam reviews for this company and find so many people they scam! What happen to this world?

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