Alan H. (UK) – Personal Victim’s Story

I saw an advert on social media about making money online and got a call from StarkMarkets and put 250 to start trading. I had an account manager by the name of Adam that in the beginning was quite nice to me. He showed me he can make money and said that what I put in is not enough to really trade the markets and make the “serious” money. After being pushed and pushed I reluctantly deposited another 2,000.
Adam traded for me and I saw that the account is building and making money. I got excited and wanted to withdraw some money, only the profits yeah not the full amount. When I told him I wanted to withdraw he said that right now is not the time and we can make even more money. He asked me to put in another 3,000 and I feel so stupid but I did. 

The account was now showing that I have over 23,767 in it. After speaking with my wife we decided that it was time to take this money out. We were afraid that this might be too good to be true and that it’s all a sham.
When I told Adam, our account manager, that I wanted to take all of my money out, this is when the problems started. He opened an account for us on Binance and said that in order to withdraw all of the account we have to pay a tax for the profits. He asked for another 5,300 so that we could withdraw the entire 23,767 euros that was showing in the account and said we would be able to withdraw everything within 24 hours. It will show on our account. Reluctantly, we gave in and paid the tax payment. 

24 hours went by, then another 24 hours and still no word from Starkmarkets. I emailed and tried calling my account manager and no one was answering me. Then I could not login to my Starkmarkets account. 

We knew something was terribly wrong. We searched on google for some starkmarkets reviews and found a heap of negative ones. 

We could not believe what was happening but we realized that we have been scammed.

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