Infinitrade review: Is Infinitrade a scam or legit?

We have received several requests, as of late, to outline the particular clues that may suggest a given trading website is operating in bad faith or is complicit in financial wrongdoing.

We will attempt to do so here and bring insights we have gathered from analyzing thousands of transaction-dispute cases.

Website address:

Infinitrade explains through their website that they are a well-operating trading platform where one can trade a variety of assets and explore different Forex, CFD and cryptocurrency vehicles. Various benefits are outlined on their website.

They have a whole section on their website dedicated to educational material. They accept payments through credit cards, wire transfers, e-wallet transfers and BTC.

As is written on their website, is operated by A&E Products Ltd, a firm with registered address in Bulgaria and the Marshall Islands.

Infinitrade reviews: This firm, factually, has had an overflow of bad reviews on ‘TrustPilot’, ‘Personal Review’ and ‘The Forex Review’. 

Important! Registration and Regulation

In order for any company to be able to offer financial services of any kind, they must be in possession of the relevant licenses. For example, if you are an Australian citizen and a company approaches you, offering trading or investment advice, they are obligated by law to be regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments commission.

If the company that approaches you does not have the financial license appropriate for your country of residence, they are committing a crime by soliciting their services, let alone taking your money.   

From what we can see, A&E Products Ltd (operator of Infinitrade) is registered on Marshall Islands and Trading services A&E Products Ltd is registered in Bulgaria.

To the best of our knowledge, they are not in possession of any financial or trading license relevant to the United Kingdom, Scandinavian countries, Switzerland, Europe, Australia, New Zealand or Canada at this moment in time.

Has an Infinitrade warning been issued yet?

A warning has indeed been issued against by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom on the 7th of May, 2020.

If your broker is not regulated by the regulatory body relevant to your country and they are still soliciting their services to you, accepting your deposits and giving you investment advice or worse – managing your money, BEWARE!

Trading with unregulated brokers more often than not results in a glorified Ponzi scheme experience and with some or all of your money out the window.

Common complaints we receive from clients, generally, regarding unregulated trading websites:

First payment they ask you to make is always a small amount like 250. Once you pay you are then asked to deposit more money (a few thousands) because according to your new broker: “it’s just not enough!“.

Unsolicited, pressurized sales calls, manipulative sales tactics, constant advertisement-emails and unfair duress on said calls.

They befriend you and are being nice to you only when you are depositing money. The second you stop coughing up coins and start questioning/requesting for a significant amount back (more than 60% of your overall deposit), the problems begin and the positive attention dissipates.

– These companies usually operate on bad faith, lie and manipulate people into sending them money under the guise of promises and guarantees to increase one’s income, pension or lifestyle.

– “Account managers” keep changing and for different reasons each time. Sometimes a long overdue vacation, on occasion it’s a promotion to a remote management position and at times a “personal” tragedy that besets the sales agent.

Constant difficulties of withdrawing any significant amount back, after being told, upon joining: “You can always withdraw your money, you don’t need anyone’s approval”.

Demands for some kind of fee or new payment for releasing the “profits” that have accumulated in the account, i.e – the “last payment you will have to make”.

Threatening, hurtful and/or abusive phone calls, emails and whatsapp messages.

Blaming the victim for not being on point or on time, missing the right “entry rate” etc.

– When you transfer money to them it is never to an account under the trading company’s name. It is always a completely different name than the website’s, often times in questionable locations around the world.

– Usage of a remote control software like ‘Anydesk’ to access your computer, online banking and “trading account”.

Whom do fraudulent trading websites target:

The target is anyone over the age of 18 that has access to capital, whether in form of credit or liquid. Their ideal victim has retired and has plenty of time and resources to commit to an investment scheme of their choosing.

They target compassionate, empathic, brave people and encourage them to take unnecessary risks and in some cases, borrow large amounts of money.

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