Scam of the week – “Opportunity in the market”

If you’ve ever heard one “professional trader” working for these fraudulent trading platforms (a.k.a “account manager”, “broker”, “advisor” etc), you’ve heard them all.

In this scheme, affiliated with ’pressure-sales’ or ‘push-tactics’, the sly sales person will try and convince you that the “time to enter the market” is now because of “X”. “X” in this case is anything they say that could help solidify an argument as to why you need to invest more money, or as they like to say: “So you could profit from this ‘golden’ opportunity”.

You might have heard a variation of the following quote: “Have you heard about what’s happening with X?!” and “this and that just happened with the bitcoin! We have to invest!”.

We have received multiple reports from our clients, all with the same M.O: heightened enthusiasm, assertiveness and pushiness, mixed with a few tidbits of information about the market and some salesmanship.



You’re not alone

The scam artists who took your money under false pretense are highly trained in manipulation, as well as sales psychology and NLP. NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming and is a pseudoscientific approach to communication. Using phrases like: “We have to invest” and “Everyone knows this is going to make money” in a deliberate fashion is a perfect example of the way in which these unscrupulous agents try to use common psychology and communication to offset the balance and make their commission.



If you have not been told as of yet, your “broker” made their money when you deposited money into your “account”. Furthermore, there was never an account per say as the platform you were engaging with (the merchant), if not registered or regulated by the relevant overseeing financial authorities, had no connection to any financial market-place or exchange.



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