Suspect you've lost money
to an online scam?

There’s hope.
We will fight tooth and nail until you get it back

Why we do it

We are committed to helping you recoup your money because we believe everyone deserves justice. No matter the circumstance.

How we do it

We do this by using proprietary technologies to analyze your case and determine the quickest, most efficient way to recover your money through the financial systems.

What we do

As a result, our clients experience higher rates of claim-back success and ultimately, have peace of mind.

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Did this happen to you?


Were you approached online about some revolutionary way to generate a second income by using a software or a robot?


Were you told you would increase your pension, help family or become wealthy?


You started receiving endless calls from pushy
sales people,
urging you to invest a “small” amount, 250 or 500 Dollars?


After the first deposit, were you transferred to a different person?
Someone with an “impressive” title like “Senior analyst”, or “VIP”?


Were you made to feel guilty or ashamed? Did they befriend you?


Did they tell you the amount you deposited is “just not enough”?


Did you encounter “unexpected” problems when trying to withdraw?


Was your account manager suddenly replaced by someone new, asking for more money to recover the account or trade one last time?

Regardless of what you were made to believe,

It is your unalienable right to get your money back.

No one can change that.

Our Services

We will keep you informed about the process on a constant basis, making sure you are on top of things and are taking the necessary steps to retrieve your money.

Our process consists of three steps


One of our trusted Money-Recoup coordinators will
help you collect all the necessary information regarding your case.


We organise the information using predetermined parameters, produced by meticulously analyzing swaths of big data and cases of previous clients who successfully recovered their capital.

Recoup your money

We will accompany you throughout the process, from start to finish, while you dispute the transactions and recover your funds through the banks and credit card providers.


Tell us what happened

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We believe it is vitally important that you have as much useful information as you can get, before attempting to recoup your money.

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